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Tiktok And Its Influence On Youth

These days the biggest fad going around the globe is that of ‘TikTok.’ People of all ages, both young and old, are flocking to the site/app to showcase their talents - be it recreating scenes from a movie or song, acting, or even painting in the form of short videos.

Age Demographics Of TikTok Users

Although the primary age demographic of TikTok is mostly youngsters under the age of 24, you will undoubtedly find celebrities hovering in the app, giving rise to in-app challenges for other users to take on.

Origin Of The App

Since its inception not too long ago, the app which started as a music-based app called began to gain traction. Today it is one of the leading applications in the market with over 400 million users worldwide and boasts of over 1 billion downloads. Every teen wants to or has tried their hand at this app.

Challenge Trends On TikTok

TikTok is the home of challenge trends - whenever a new song releases, it is on TikTok, and users start posting their entries with the relevant hashtags for the challenge.

Interaction With Content

The interface and working of the app are really easy. It would help if you got used to it, and then you can ace those TikTok videos perfectly.

Reasons For TikTok’s Popularity

Entertainment is something that is consumed by everyone across the globe, every single day. With the amount of stress in our hectic lives, there’s a need for short breaks.



Recreating Scenes and Dialogues

You can use available material, or create and enact original clips and post it for the world. So far, TikTok has boosted the careers of many unknown artists, giving them a platform to display their talents.


All Forms Of Entertainment In One Place

The app has over 1 billion downloads, making it a massive hit among the masses. With new content being updated every minute, there is no wait for new content.

Why followers matter in this ordeal?

Not everyone will be featured on the main page of the app or gains instant fame, and not everyone achieves the same reach as others on the app. These days the follower count of a person also plays a massive role in ‘popularity’.

How to Buy Real TikTok Followers

Avoid unreliable or unethical sites that are tacky in appearance and sites that give you a fancy main page with many glowing reviews from XYZ. Go for trusted sites like BUYLIKESDUBAI that provide you guaranteed results. Whether you are an influencer looking for more traffic to your account or just another account that needs a little boost to keep going, BUYLIKESDUBAI has it all designed, keeping your unique needs and preferences in mind.