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To become an Instagram influencer people say followers number is not necessary. But 10,000 followers are a huge success to start the journey of becoming an Instagram influencer.

Number of followers

A person’s number of followers is the first way to measure the influence.A person with 200 followers is likely to have less influence than an influencer with 100K followers, this may not always be the case.


A person with 100 followers will generate lower engagement than a person with 100K followers naturally.


Engagement and reach should be evaluated together, each content has the potential to reach the eyes of interested, active, open minded consumers. For example, a given campaign reaches 10000 people but generates only 10 clicks while another reaches 500 people and generates the same 10 clicks, if the content is highly engaging and lands in front of the right audience.

Influencer marketing

People gain influence on social media over their followers when they are able to sway purchasing power. Influencer marketing is a form where brands collaborate with the influencers to make their product famous..

Pay expectations

The pay varies in this category as it depends on Instagram followers and likes, relevance, reach influence, and so on very but anything can be expected from payment in the form of business for product to fees of dollar 50 to dollar thousand and up

The popular influencer

Once the popular influencers gain traction, their follower count increases by tens of thousands, and really have 20k to an increase to 120 ke at same point. What matters for brands and monetary gain for influencers is the appeal to the audience, a good rapport with the followers and relevant audience.

Pay expectations

On becoming a popular influencer, you are paid depending on your influence, your negotiating ability, your client portfolio. You can expect anything in the range from what upcoming influencers receive to what celebrity influencers receive. Your pay is in your hands because you have gained that much influence.

The celebrity influencer

Celebrity influencers are very influential. As a society we have a tendency to listen to the suggestions from celebrities. If they tell us about the coolest new tech gear and next moment we find ourselves checking it out online.